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Investment Management

We work with our clients to structure what we call evidence-based portfolios customized to the client. The stock portion of a portfolio generally provides the highest returns over time and the stock portion of the portfolio generally has more volatility. The bond portion of a portfolio, which includes money market cash, generally provides stability in the portfolio and bonds generally provide less return than stocks over time. We work with our clients to determine how much risk is appropriate for each client and help the client arrive at the appropriate mix of stocks and bonds.

The stock portion of our portfolios provides diversification between the largest companies in the world and provides exposure to middle and small capitalized publicly traded stocks. Most investors understand diversification reduces risk. We also believe diversification among stocks and having some global stock exposure reduces risk and increases return over time.

We generally use low-cost exchange traded funds (ETFs), low-cost mutual funds, individual stocks and bonds to structure our portfolios.

Financial Planning

A financial plan is a financial road map unique to each client. We use sophisticated cash flow analysis to help clients visualize the changes in their net worth from today through their 90s.  This approach allows us to assist clients with making necessary adjustments to their financial lives so they can achieve financial independence. The financial plan becomes a living document which changes as the client’s life changes. We can help clients with establishing saving goals, evaluate whether or not the client has adequate insurance (life, disability, umbrella, etc.), plan for college savings, maximize social security benefits, plan for Medicare eligibility, and run “what if scenarios” like:

  • what would an early or partial retirement look like,
  • or can the client afford a recreational property,
  • or how would a gift to children or charity affect a client’s financial plan.
  • how to plan for a worst case scenario like a disability of one spouse,
  • etc.

The financial planning process also leads to estate and income tax planning discussions. The financial plan allows clients to gain peace of mind they will be financially secure through retirement.

Tax Planning

The Lodestone Wealth Management team consists of a Certified Public Accountant who can assist with Federal and State income tax and Estate planning. At the clients request we can work with their CPA and tax attorney to structure appropriate income tax and estate planning strategies, or we can work with our clients to structure these strategies. We can also assist the client with finding a CPA to assist them with their tax compliance needs.

Our Pledge

As a Registered Investment Advisor, we serve as fiduciaries to our clients. As a fiduciary we place the interest of the client before our interest. Our culture is one in which our clients investment goals and interests are the number one priority.

We also strive to be responsive to clients, which starts by making every effort to return phone calls, emails and other client correspondence in a timely manner.

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